How resourceful are you as the farm’s leader?

Alfaro Recoba

What comes to mind when you think about the role resourcefulness plays on your farm? Probably quite a bit – farmers are some of the most resourceful people out there.

What comes to mind first could be being resourceful when it deals with fixing something. Maybe you grew up watching your dad or grandpa masterfully fixing seemingly everything around the operation single-handedly – while making it look easy. You may have even learned a few of their skills and tricks along the way that you still use today.

Downtime is expensive, so a leader or someone else who is resourceful and skillful at fixing almost anything is extremely valuable. That’s one way to be resourceful on the farm.

Efficiency matters

Another thing that comes to mind around being resourceful is efficiency. Particularly in a commodity business, efficiency is key – and it requires the leaders and people on the farm to be resourceful. Searching for ways to first use the farm’s current resources, improve upon them or find ways to combine resources are all avenues with the result of improving efficiency.

As a leader, demonstrating the value of improving efficiency in your own responsibilities and encouraging everyone in the operation to search for ways that the farm might become more efficient is best. Rewarding those who come up with ideas that improve efficiency in the operation shows everyone that it’s valued.

Leaders can also consider how they spend their time – because it’s also a valuable resource within the operation. Evaluate where you’re spending time and what types of activities you’re spending time on – so you can devote the majority of your work time to tasks and responsibilities that have the greatest value in terms of what matters most to the overall business success of your operation. Another way to think of this is “time stewardship” – literally, stewarding your time well as a leader.

Market resources

How resourceful are you when it comes to your farm’s marketing? Grain marketing is a critical area on the farm where farmers are becoming more and more resourceful – bringing in new resources to help with the operation’s marketing planning and execution.

Becoming more resourceful with your farm’s marketing could look a few different ways. It could mean taking some time to learn new marketing tools that you can then have as resources at your disposal. It might mean finding a partner for your farm’s marketing plans – working with a market advisor who acts as a resource to help as you call the final shots.

Building a toolbox

In today’s fast-paced grain marketing environment, getting as many resources in your toolbox as possible will help farms plan to take advantage of opportunity.

Farmers have found that working with our market advisors has helped ease their minds. The advisors help farmer clients with planning and execution around marketing decisions and help keep them up to speed on the current market situation – and how it impacts their operation.

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